Amur Leopard T-shirt

Help save the Amur Leopard.
Buy this fully sustainable Tee and see to the survival of the Amur Leopard. Made with of 100% GOTS certified organic cotton.


Make U look slick.


to last.

Each piece is produced with great care, and the utmost respect for society and biodiversity, in Portugal. 
Our Amur Leopard T-shirt is a heavyweight – which makes it extremely durable, and a joy to wear – wielding 270 g/m2 of cotton.
The t-shirt is styled with exclusive printing techniques and embroidered details. 

Available as a black or white edition.

Lookbook of the Amur Leopard Tee
Lookbook of the Amur Leopard Tee
Lookbook of the Amur Leopard Tee

Amur Leopard

rarest cat in the world

Amur Leopard graphic

The Amur leopard lives in Sikhote-Alin, a mountain range in the Russian Far East. Today, there are estimated to be less than 70 left in the wild.


This design symbolises one of the many reasons why this animal is critically endangered. Because besides habitat loss, habitat fragmentation, climate change, and deforestation; the Amur Leopard is hunted for its thick, luscious, black-ringed coat. ‘Our’ leopard tried to be ahead of the game by wearing his own.



The Amur Leopard Tee helps save the Amur Leopard. To do so we work with the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) to raise awareness and help protect this endangered species.

To save the Amur Leopard we donate 33% of our revenue from each shirt towards their cause.

    Amur Leopard in the wild
    Lookbook of the Amur Leopard Tee
    Lookbook of the Amur Leopard Tee
    Product photo of the Amur Leopard Tee

    True Price of clothing.

    Making the amur leopard tee fully sustainable:

    produced with 100 % GOTS certified organic cotton

    No toxic chemicals where used during the production process.

    No Co2 emissions during the production of this t-shirt.

    No environmental pollution during the production of this t-shirt.

    Less water consumption (90% less).

    Less energy consumption (and only green energy).

    Produced in Portugal. Under ethical working conditions.

    Each person who has contributed to this t-shirt is paid a fair wage.

    Fast fashion sucks! 

    We at Achilles and the Tortoise worry about the negative impact of fast fashion on people and planet. because of excessive pollution, unsold stock and gruesome working conditions. That’s why we are on a mission to transform the clothing industry and at the same time enhance natural biodiversity by protecting endangered species.

    We show the world the ‘true price’ of clothing and demonstrate that ethics can be associated with high-quality streetwear. We show the true price by being completely transparant about every step in the process and by bringing balance between welfare (1), the wellbeing of people (2) and the wellbeing of nature (3). We call this ‘The Rule of Thirds’.

    Production costs

    A fair and honest production process in means of sustainability and ethics makes up 33% of our price.

    Investment and profit

    We’re not an NGO, we believe in a fair market where everyone can earn – some – if you make sure that your profit doesn’t mean someone else’s loss. We use 33% of the price to invest in transforming the fashion industry

    Giving back

    33% of our price is reserved for revitalising biodiversity. For the Amur Leopard T-shirt we donate all to WWF to help the Amur Leopard survive.

    Adding up to:



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