Streetwear Manifesto

Dear streetwear lovers,

Fashion‘s speed and greed has exploited the environment and our human rights in various ways. The fashion industry carries on polluting our atmosphere and water sources. Landfills are piling up with unused or disused clothes. Animals are mistreated and killed and ancient forests are being cut down. People lost the connection with their social and ecological surroundings and felt the need to dominate and conquer nature and to devour our planet’s resources. But our planet doesn't have unlimited resources. 

It wasn’t always like this. It started with fashion’s own industrial revolution: the rise of ‘fast fashion’, the production of cheap, trendy garments in vast amounts at lightning speed in subcontracted factories, to be hawked in thousands of chain stores and to meet consumer demand. To keep the prices low, fast-fashion brands slashed manufacturing costs, and the cheapest labor was available in the world’s poorest countries, leading to a toxic system of overproduction and overconsumption that exploits human rights.

We believe that change is possible if everyone would be transparent about well-being, fair trade, living wages, gender equality, sustainable livelihoods, good working conditions and environmental sustainability and everybody is committed to creating a circular slow fashion industry. Circular slow fashion is built on the principle “from cradle to cradle”, which means a closed cycle (circular chain). It’s a regenerative system in which garments are able to circulate with maximum value retained for as long as possible before being able to re-enter the system through reuse or recycling.

Clothes should be fun and sexy right? They are our initial and most basic tool for communication. They represent who we want to be, help us cope with social situations, empower us and show our self worth. Basically they are our chosen skin. But we need to break down the toxic fast fashion, take-make-dispose culture. That doesn’ mean you have to stop loving fashion. You only have to decide what skin you want to wear, appreciate quality, buy less and waste less. In the meantime we promise to be as transparent and honest as possible.

Join our Human X Nature, standout slow fashion culture. Start the conversation with us. We promise to reply in one business day. Let's show that humans and nature can flourish together.



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