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Human X Nature, the Achilles and Tortoise founding story

Connecting Human and Nature through slow fashion

Achilles and the Tortoise (AATT), a slow fashion company founded by four friends, aims to connect people and nature through expression, identity and inspiring positive storytelling. But what is the driving force behind slow fashion, and why does it matter?

Human and Nature

For too long, people have been living in 'the story of separation'. A story in which people live as secluded individuals focused on their individual needs. Throughout this story, people lost connection to their social and ecological environment, resulting in a need to dominate and conquer it. It was a big mistake to assume that economic growth would bring prosperity to 'some' and that this would automatically lead to well-being for all. In fact, the opposite occurs. As prosperity increases, a widening gap between wealthy and poor, climate change, and biodiversity loss occur.  

Both natural and human rights are interdependent and interrelated. It is important to create systems that connect people with one another, and with the natural world through the development of prosperity and well-being for all. In contrast to 'fast fashion’, ‘slow fashion’ is a purpose driven system, and we need more of it! Check our previous blog here to read more about ‘slow fashion’.


Towards a purpose economy

A more equitable and sustainable fashion system in which Human and Nature thrive is definitely possible! But only if we break down the 'old' toxic economic mechanism that’s only about growth, competition and resource depletion and build up a ‘purpose economy’. In short, a purpose economy consists of the idea of having a business that helps other individuals or the planet instead of destroying it. 


Patagonia leading by example

A true pioneer of the purpose economy is the US clothing brand “Patagonia”, founded by Yvon Chouinard in the year 1973. While most companies' profits are used to enrich shareholders, Yvon Chouinard transferred the ownership of Patagonia to a purpose trust and a private foundation. He did this to preserve the company’s independence and to ensure that all profits are used to help human and nature flourish.

This company illustrates a perfect example of how to be a leading model for other companies of running a sustainable business. Patagonia is a true inspiration for us as a purpose driven slow fashion brand. Curious much? Find out more about slow fashion company Achilles and the Tortoise here. 

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