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Claiming to be a slow fashion brand is a bold statement that must be substantiated. As far as we are concerned, Slow Fashion goes further than an environmentally friendly production process, fair prices and excellent working conditions. In particular, it concerns the production of sustainable clothing of very high quality. By promising that all AATT goods have a minimum thickness of 250 g/m2, we produce clothing that can last a lifetime.

Reusing and recycling is one of the most effective ways to increase sustainability in fashion. AATT strives for a closed loop system resulting in environmentally friendly products.

Despite the fact that many synthetic textile dyes are carcinogenic and play a big part in water pollution, they are still used today. AATT cares about the health of people and nature. That's why we use natural-based dyes, derived from natural waste products of the agriculture and herbal industries; leaving the edible part still available for food consumption.

Our Essentials collection is colored with EarthColors®, using agricultural waste to bring the gorgeous colors of nature to our Essentials. Palmetto fruit has been used specifically for these essentials.

To ensure healthy working conditions, living wages, short delivery spans and guaranteed quality, the complete production takes place within the EU-zone. From upcycling and recycling post consumer textile, cutting waste and unsold stocks to the production of ready-to-wear garments.

AATT highlights the beauty of nature through authentic designs and stories. Examples include the nearly extinct Amur Leopard and critically endangered African Wild Dog, forestation, and the Indonesian Kakatua.

To prevent overproduction and guarantee exclusivity, all new collection releases are done by a pre-order round to determine demand and production volume. Learn more about pre-orders on our FAQ page.


Everything we - at Achilles and the Tortoise - say and do comes from the mantra “we want to balance the scales between human and nature.” And that is where our Essentials found ground.