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Claiming to be a slow fashion brand is a bold statement that must be substantiated. As far as we are concerned, Slow Fashion goes further than an environmentally friendly production process, fair prices and excellent working conditions. In particular, it concerns the production of sustainable clothing of very high quality. By promising that all AATT goods have a minimum thickness of 250 g/m2, we produce clothing that can last a lifetime.

Organic materials are valuable. That's why we offer the unique brand promise of a lifelong 'houdbaarheid' kickback on all returned items.

The houdbaarheid-policy offers a 10% deposit on each returned Achilles item based on the original purchase price (including possible discounts). It's just like returning your can or bottle to the supermarket.

So if you are ready to let go of your garment, please return it to us, so we can repurpose the fabrics into new pieces. The policy applies to all the Achilles products no matter how long ago you ordered.

Our address can be found in the footer below.

Reusing and recycling is one of the most effective ways to increase sustainability in fashion. AATT strives for a closed loop system resulting in environmentally friendly products.

To guarantee the highest quality, our products are always GRS and OCS or GOTS certified.

Our plastic-free brand promise. The fashion industry is a major contributor to the global plastic problem. From synthetic fibers to single-use plastic packaging, the environmental impact is staggering. Microplastics pose even greater dangers, contaminating our air, water, and food systems, affecting lungs and sperm quality.

Urgent action is crucial. At Achilles and the Tortoise, we take a firm stance against the reliance on plastic, even in its recycled form. Fashion brands must prioritize bio-based materials like organic cotton, hemp and linen, as well as embrace innovative recycling technologies. By making conscious choices and adopting circular approaches, the fashion industry can combat the plastic crisis and safeguard our planet.

Despite the fact that many synthetic textile dyes are carcinogenic and play a big part in water pollution, they are still used today. AATT cares about the health of people and nature. That's why we use natural-based dyes, derived from natural waste products of the agriculture and herbal industries; leaving the edible part still available for food consumption.

Our Essentials collection is colored with EarthColors®. This process makes our fabrics super soft, with a wild splash of colour.

EarthColors®, are patented, high performance natural waste- based dyes synthesized from non-edible agricultural or herbal industries waste such as palmetto fruits, leaves or nutshells.

It's no secret, our clothes are not cheap, but we assure you that this is the fair price! Compared to crappy fast fashion clothes, our price product may seem like a lot. But what you have to take into account is that most fast fashion labels do not include their environmental costs in their prices. If they were to show you the real price, they would have to include all the environmental and social costs associated with the production of fast fashion clothing in the price. Think of the costs of all the microplastics released by synthetic fibers, exploitation of natural resources, the pollution of water and air and the violation of human rights. How do you feel now when you consider buying a $10 T-shirt?

To ensure healthy working conditions, living wages, short delivery spans and guaranteed quality, the complete production takes place within the EU-zone. From upcycling and recycling post consumer textile, cutting waste and unsold stocks to the production of ready-to-wear garments.

AATT highlights the beauty of nature through authentic designs and stories. Examples include the nearly extinct Amur Leopard and critically endangered African Wild Dog, forestation, and the Indonesian Kakatua.

To prevent overproduction and guarantee exclusivity, all new collection releases are done by a pre-order round to determine demand and production volume. Learn more about pre-orders on our FAQ page.

Washing less, washing the right way and storing your clothes neatly are all important actions that can extend the life of your T-shirt. Not entirely unimportant, because extending the life of clothing has a huge positive impact. Therefore wash less! Spraying vodka is an extremely effective way to get your clothes sweat-free and odor free. 1/3rd Vodka, top up with 2/3rd water and spray! If you do want to wash, ALWAYS go for hand wash, with tepid water of a maximum of 29 degrees. This prevents your shirt from shrinking. Also go for natural drying, which is better for your clothes and the environment, don't iron your clothes but steam them.


Everything we - at Achilles and the Tortoise - say and do comes from the mantra “we want to balance the scales between human and nature.” And that is where our Essentials found ground.