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Slow fashion is a concept that, in contrast to 'fast fashion', doesn't harm human and nature. The principles of slow fashion include: sustainable materials, fewer collections, fair trade, minimizing waste and full transparency. Learn more about how we perceive slow fashion on our Slow Fashion page.

Overproduction is one of the biggest problems of the fashion industry. Around 30% of all produced clothing is burnt or destroyed without being sold. We don't want to go there. By working with pre-orders we make sure that we only produce clothing that will make someone happy.

Sometimes we order a bit extra, but only if we know that we can sell them in a later stage. The result is that every item you buy is made specifically for you!

Achilles and the Tortoise takes fashion slow, meaning that we are now going to take the time to create your unique garment. Typically, production takes up between 4-6 weeks. Achilles' will keep you informed of the progress regulary.

Depending on the demand during the pre-order period we will calculate how much items to produce. In that way we can prevent overproduction and keep your clothes unique.

Our new collections are made by our production partner in Portugal. Our ALTER collection is made in the Netherlands.

Of course! It is very important to us that you are happy with the items you bought. Check our refund policy for more information.

Having said that, we do not agree with the current standard in fast fashion; ordering many items and knowing that half of them will be sent back. In terms of material use and transport it is a waste.

Therefore we try to give you as much information about the product as possible (sizing charts, clear pictures, materials used) so you can make a well informed decision when buying the items.

ALTER is our way of upcycling vintage clothing. We work with different designers who employ used materials to design and produce new clothing items.

GOTS, or Global Organic Textile Standard, is the world's leading and highest certification in organic fibers. GOTS certification guarantees that an entire supply chain is socially and environmentally responsible. This goes much further than organic cotton and safe working conditions.

EarthColors®, are patented, high performance natural waste- based dyes extracted from non-edible agricultural or herbal industries waste such as leaves or nutshells.