Human x Nature

Achilles and the Tortoise is an Amsterdam based Slow Fashion Streetwear brand. Achilles' mission is to bring Humans and Nature back together through expression, identity & storytelling. 

Production is mainly done with our circular production partner in Portugal, while the Alter line is produced in-house in the Netherlands. Ethical production, circular material selection & authentic design is our core business. 

Why we do it

We create standout pieces with a positive impact on human and nature. With these pieces we show the world the true price of clothing and show that ethics can be associated with high-quality streetwear. With our partners we create never ending closed loops, where nothing is lost. 

What we believe

Sustainability doesn't mean concession 

Fashion is what makes us who we are

Authenticy makes life meaningful  

Humans & Nature can flourish together

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Who dis

Achilles and the Tortoise is a Slow Fashion Streetwear brand from Amsterdam. Achilles' mission is to bring people and nature back together through expression, identity and positive inspiring storytelling. We believe that behavioral change stems not from the perspective of difficulty, but rather from the perspective of capitalizing on what we have, using our strengths, showing opportunities and examples and activating positive experiences.  

We hear you thinking: Why the heck did they choose such a difficult name? Let us explain why we think Zeno’s Paradox fits our Human X Nature vision perfectly.

TORTOISES are dope

Ancient math tricks prove that a mighty, swift-footed human cannot beat the humble, slow-moving turtle in a race. In Zeno's paradox, Achilles, arrogant as man often is, gives the tortoise a head start. Although the tortoise got a lead, Achilles was unable to catch up with the tortoise. Achilles always had to reach the point where the tortoise started first. By this time, the tortoise had also progressed. Even if the tortoise only made a small advance, Achilles needed more time to reach the tortoise's next point. Whenever Achilles arrives at a place where the tortoise has been, he has another distance to cover before he catches the tortoise. This will go on forever, so Achilles will never catch up with the tortoise.

You see, the tortoise symbolizes nature going against the arrogant human. The tortoise also symbolizes slow fashion. Don’t take a L trying to race nature, go for the W and put your money on slow fashion. Let humans and nature thrive together.