We make your design dream possible

Our circular supply chain is open for you! Just sign up, and your ambitions will soon be a reality. The best thing about the program, you can start as small as you want. No big budget required, only your creativity.

What's on the menu?

You can enter the circle at 3 different stages within the lifetime chain. The program support ranges from white labeling your own slow fashion collection or acquiring your direct shippable unique concept line. You choose where you want to take it.

Want to know more?

What to expect

We start with an inventory of your ambitions to place you on the right phase of the circular process. What kind of garment do you want to produce? Which materials do you want to use? Which fit would you like to see? And how much do you want to produce? We will then come up with a suitable solution for this. Happy? Then we start production!

Interested? Sign up to our mailing list below, and you will be invited to our Explore Sessions every half year. Signing up is without any obligations and a good way to start, even when you are still unsure about your ambitions. It's our way to introduce new like-minded people to the community and grow.

You are in good hands

The Achilles and the Tortoise team consists of 4 young creative designers and marketers with a deep understanding of the fashion industry. With our knowledge and expertise, we can unburden you in the entire design, production and marketing process and thus realize your circular dream in a heartbeat! We are here with one goal, and that is to accelerate the sustainable transition.

About us

Circular Streetwear

What to check out what we do? ALTER is where we combine our passions for streetwear and vintage in our studio here in the Netherlands. We forge old and new styles to create one of a kind fashion pieces for you to express yourself. Discover our circular collection now in the button below.

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