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The Iconic Club Kakatua Tee

We bring you the most sustainable shirt ever made. We want you to stay in love with this shirt forever, so we've cooked something really special for you in collaboration with the NGO Club Kakatua. Inspired by the iconic original Woodstock tee. So special that it will last for generations! 

Thanks to the composition of recycled cotton, seaweed, organic cotton, and the produce-after-order principle, we have developed the most environmentally friendly T-shirt ever made.


Instructions will be sent after your pre-order. More details about the Tee in the specification dropdowns below. 

Challenge the status quo with Achilles and the Tortoise X Club Kakatua.

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This T-shirt consists of 50% recycled cotton, 31% GOTS certified organic cotton and 19% Lyocell. The Lyocell part is made by mixing crushed seaweed with Lyocell – a fibre derived from wood pulp. The seaweed part adds unique properties to the shirt that protect the skin against harmful external influences: the seaweed is rich in substances (such as vitamins, trace elements, amino acids and minerals) that help activate cell regeneration, which in turn can relieve skin diseases, reduce inflammation and itching. The high antioxidant content protects the skin from harmful free radicals that damage our skin cells.


Worn both by Sammy and Stefanie, they are 176 and 161 cm and wear size M | Worn by Nagier, 173 cm tall also wearing a size M


First you place a pre-order, then you wait patiently. Your precious threads will be made if a batch of 300 pieces is sold. In that way we never have to deal with overproduction. Patience is king! This is the reason why this is the most sustainable shirt ever.

Human x Nature

Compared to a T-shirt made of conventional cotton, the production of this Tee involves: A 98.5% reduction in chemical consumption, and only natural dyes are used for the remaining 1.5% A water saving of 85%, of which the remaining percentage is collected rainwater. An energy saving of 83%, of which 70% of the remaining percentage comes from renewable sources. And on top of that, half of the profits go to the Club Kakatua NGO projects.

Club Kakatua, the most innovative NGO

Club Kakatua originated from the following philosophy: A good cause must be transparent and show color. It must be more radical than the current generation of policy makers, because we know it's now or never. A green revolution is the only answer to the current crisis.

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